Butts in Seats: Part Duh

Several eons ago (i.e. December 2019), I wrote a post called Butts in Seats that made the astounding claim that the whole business of having people come in to a shared office five days a week for at least 9 consecutive hours (don’t give me this 8-hour day bullshit) was over. Done. Finito. Old news. In fact, I called myself a dinosaur for having a residual fondness for the butts in seats concept. Well ..

Technical co-founder looking ahead to the future of work in the Cretaceous Era.

From: Rex, T.
To: Civilization Steering Committee, Ranking Member/Theropods
Re: Our way of life

With respect to some of the recent environmental changes, some of the other theropods and I think that learning to live in holes in the ground might be a good idea. It’s clear from the KPIs that business is down slightly. With searing hot glass particles raining from the sky, tsunamis wiping out the coasts and wildfires sweeping the earth it’s become much more difficult to carry out our daily, keep-the-lights-on business out here in the open never mind starting any new lines of business.

Some ideas we already came up with – we could make shelters out of the deadly, searing hot glass particles. We could work by the light of the wildfires. Not ideal, obviously, but on the plus side, there’s lots of attractive new oceanfront property to build on.

We propose forming a committee to look into it. Might take a few millennia to get a good start on it, we’d have to do a pilot project, gather some metrics. We’ll need representation from all departments, yes even the sauropods. I know they’re slow but what are we going to eat if we don’t bring the sauropods, right? We acknowledge that selling this to the pterosaurs and icthyosaurs will also be problematic. It will take some time.

Let me know what you think. No rush. We’ve ruled the earth doing things this way for 150 million years and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

T. Rex