The Dog Food Diet: Sprint 4

Sprint Goal: One instance of the new embedded technology running within the physical element.  This sprint goal should look familiar – it’s the unfulfilled part of our Sprint 3 goal.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what is our actual velocity?

Sprint Planning:  Backlog’s in good shape.  Our 3 sprint rolling average is (18+52+32)/3 = 34.  That’s our real, Scrum-certified velocity.  So what do we commit to?  Sigh, some habits die hard.  42 points.

Sprint Review:  We showed one instance of the new tech, running on the physical platform.  Sprint goal achieved.  We recorded velocity of 31 points.  That number looks familiar.  Hmmm, slightly less than our rolling average velocity.  Maybe we should use that?


Sprint Retrospective: On the plus side, we achieved the sprint goal.  On the minus side, we still added scope mid-sprint.  And we over-committed once again.  Our velocity is actually pretty stable, but we’re not getting better.

How did our kaizen from Sprint 3 retro work out?  We reduced, but didn’t eliminate, interrupts and the associated context switching waste.  We managed, despite losing significant capacity, to maintain our actual velocity of 30+ points.

Our kaizen for next sprint?  Commit to our actual velocity.

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