This is a bit off the beaten path for me, but this blog post about a banal Facebook recruiting fail got me thinking about it again so I figured I’d blast it out there. The last time I did any serious hiring I had the good fortune to work with a recruiter who was not only good, but had been with the company for a few years. Sadly, this is not the norm, and I expect it explains a lot of what went wrong with that Facebook fail.

When I worked with my favorite recruiter, I noted with some alarm that the HR department around him was a swirling mass of more or less temporary HR people. I was often thrust into conversations with HR people I’d never heard of, and when I went looking for them weeks or months later they were disappeared.

So I started paying attention. When people recruited me, I checked their profile on LinkedIn. When I couldn’t find a profile, I just asked them, and guess what? It is a rare in-house recruiter who’s been at his/her job more than 6 months. WTF?

recruitingThese recruiters always told me what a great company it was and how I’d be a great fit blah blah blah and all I could think was: “How would you know? In all likelihood I know more about this company than you do, and on top of that I’ve got a better chance of going to their next Christmas party than you do”.

So what’s the deal people? Why is there such high turnover in HR? Are they just slightly more disposable than the rest of us? I’m guessing that there’s not a recruiting war going on out there for HR people, but maybe there is. And from the company’s side, why would you tolerate such turnover amongst the guardians of corporate culture? Tell me about it. I’m all ears.

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